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Russ is a well travelled singer songwriter and his story driven roots rock may just start a party in your soul. With many Canadian and international tours to his credit, Russ launched his Christmas Tales show, it’s now in it’s 6th season and it’s been a huge hit. If you've celebrated the Santa Claus parade or Canada Day in Vancouver in the last ten years you may have danced with Russ and his musically infectious band at the parade finale.

Russ has been a featured performer at the “Give Peace A Dance” events at St. James Hall with Marcus Mosely, Shari Ulrich and Jane Mortify and he’s a regular soloist with the Marcus Mosely Chorale. 

Russ and his wife Sandy have created a wonderful live performance and emerging artist training venue called Bez Arts Hub in Langley BC.

Band members include: 

Brett Ziegler, Keyboards vocals and percussion.

Dan Oldfield, Drums 

Jonathan Perkins, Bass

Waiting For Abraham (2012)

This is the rather long awaited but timely follow up to "Oil". Russ Rosen Band digs into its collection of faith-filled, passionate songs that reflect a season between the promise and the provision. This quality CD is presented in beautiful digipak with a booklet of lyrics and backstory. Released 2012 Waiting for Abraham by Russ Rosen Band Produced by Brett Ziegler.

Out now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Waiting For Abraham - Russ Rosen Band

Oil - Russ Rosen Band


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